Admission of Hospitalized Patients


We provide admission services for the patients that need hospitalization services. Before you are admitted to the hospital, our admission staff will obtain preliminary information from you, provide important information regarding your hospital stay and answer your questions in a complete and friendly manner and ensure that the whole process is very convenient yet complete. Our team of doctors may also require you to have some tests performed prior to hospitalization such as X-rays etc. Other routine tests and specimen work may be done at the day of your admission to the hospital.

If your hospital admission also involves the performing of surgical procedures, our doctor and staff will also schedule the anesthesia and surgical evaluation program for you. Our team will make sure that you are fully prepared for your tests and surgical procedures and avoid any costly delays and unnecessary downtime.


  Discharge of Hospitalized Patients

Our team facilitates the discharge process of the clients in the most efficient and complete manner. We ensure that at the time of your discharge, all the paperwork has been completed and all the things are in place as they are supposed to be.

If the physicians believe that you would need continued care after your discharge from hospital, such as physiotherapy, home visits, rehabilitation etc., we will help arrange those services for you so that your transition from the hospitalization to a normal life is a very smooth process. If you’re not physically fit to return home after your discharge from hospital, we will also help you connect with the right skilled nursing care facility for you keeping in mind your needs and requirements.



  Medical Consultation of Hospitalized Patients

At Premier Hospitalist Group we provide best medical consultation for the hospitalized patients. Our physicians evaluate the patient’s need for medical help, suggest the proper medical solutions and treat the conditions. Apart from the regular medical consultation for common medical problems such as respiratory disorders, electrolyte disorders etc. we also provide medical consultation and care for acute medical problems as well as pre-operative and post-operative medical consultation for the hospitalized patients.

  Hospital Program Consultation & Management

We provide the industry leading hospital program consultation and management services to our clients. Our team of experienced physicians lead the way in the hospital program consultation services and provide timely & proactive consultation and the program management. We regularly assess the client situation & progress and make periodic adjustments to the course of treatment if necessary.


If you have questions about our services, please feel free to email us at

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